My Story

IMG_6947I was born straight into the drag boat racing family and at a very young age, I started telling my parents that I was going to race a boat just like my dad. My parents surprised me with a jet ski on my 13th birthday and then eventually, surprised me by buying a hydroplane identical to my dads for me to race. I started racing jet skis at 14 and then gradually moved up and have had a lot of success in the beginning of my career. With that success, also came backlash. Being a girl in a male dominated sport means that all eyes are on you, whether they think good or bad things. Some people thought that I was just a spoiled teenager who got everything handed to her. These people started to do anything and everything to make being successful harder for me.I remember the first time fellow racers tried to get me disqualified and that was the worst feeling in the world. From that time, I’ve done everything I can to show people that I have earned the success that I have gotten and that I work hard just like a male driver would. Since then, I like to believe that people have more respect for me because I have had to deal with being one of the only females in my sport. Luckily, I’ve had an amazing team that has become family who stood behind me through everything and helped me prove everyone wrong. From the time I started racing at 14 years old, young kids started to look up to me and believe that they could do the things I was doing. In my second year racing a boat, we were racing in San Angelo, Texas and this family came into our pit to meet me. The dad brought his daughters to the race track and one of his daughters was pretty shy but stood out to me. She spent the whole weekend riding with my mom from the in ramp to the out ramp. Coincidently, that weekend I earned my very first win in a full sized boat and she was there to witness it. She got to witness the tears, the screaming, the hugs, and the best day of my life. The next year, their family was at the races again and her dad came into my pit to tell me that he believes I helped her come out of her shell and make her more confident in her dreams. He says I changed her life, but they changed mine. That day I realized that I can use what I’m doing to help young people believe in themselves, because I used to be that girl who was shy and wasn’t quite sure of my dreams. Thankfully, my dreams continue to come true day by day as my team and I work hard to be successful and inspire others. Since racing multiple sportsman classes, my next journey starts in the 2016 season as I move into Pro Modified to be the only professional woman driver. We will continue to prove doubters wrong!

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